Tri-Cities Home Seller's Success!

How to have great success in selling Your Richland, WA Home;Pasco, WA Home; Or Kennewick, WA Home! 

While Selling, Buying & Moving a home in Tri-Cities, WA may be one of the most stressful events of a lifetime, there are some keys to keeping the stress leve down. My personal goal is for you to have a smooth low stress transition.


I will be right there along with you through he whole process, always thinking one step ahead to keep the real estate transaction running smoothly.


By following these 10 easy but essential steps I can guarantee you home selling success!


1. Ask for my free comparative market analysis! 

After my free comparative market analysis, I will give you my expereinced opinion of what, if anything can be done to maximize the value of your Richland, Kennewick or Pasco, WA property.


By knowing what your Tri-Cities home's value is as is and steps you take to increase the value of your home you can start planning your course of action to ensure you get the best price for your home! 


2. Call Your Current Lender 

You need to contact your current mortgage lender and ask them what penalties and fees you will incur for early repayment.  Inform them that you are intending to sell your home and they will give you an up to date statement of the amount remaining and exactly how much selling up is going to cost you in real terms.


3. Work out total selling, buying and moving costs.


To assist you with this step I will give you a break down of all the local fees, taxes and costs you will likely incur when selling and buying.  These will most likely include the real estate agent's fees, a lawyer's fees, surveyor's costs, potential gain taxation and also consider factoring in the percentage of any annual taxes or charges on your home that you will have to pay.


Add to these expenses the costs you will incur when buying a new home and remember to include any deposit, mortgage arrangement fees, survey costs and insurances.



4. Plan Your Budget 

By taking the original valuation sum and then deducting all of the totals from step 3 you will (hopefully) be left with a positive number!  This is your clear profit, this is what you can then use towards your new Tri-Cities home. 


At this stage, if you have additional sums saved and you wish to add them to the above to increase your purchasing power you should do so.  You will be left with an amount you can use as a down payment on your new Richland, Pasco or Kennewick, WA home.


5. Get Pre-Approved For Your New Tri-Cities, WA home.


Now you have to approach a mortgage lender and work with him to determine exactly how much you can comfortably afford to borrow.  NorthWest Property Consortium can recommend some lenders that are proven to provide ontime closings! The Tri-Cities mortgage Lender will take into account many factors but these will include the amount you have as a down payment and the amount you earn.  Ultimately the lender will arm you with a budget with which you can now work when searching for your new home.



6. Call Kuo-Ying To Assist You In Your New Home Search 

You have set yourself up for success by completing the financial aspects of budgeting & planning, now comes the fun! Finding your new Tri-Cities, WA dream home!


7. Don't Forget To Keep Your Home For Sale In Shape!


Take the advice given to you by NorthWest Property Consortium and get to work with the repairs, renovations and heavy work needed to bring your Richland, Pasco or Kennewick, house up to the top of the market. 



8. Remember - first impressions count!


Now the time has come for buyers to begin viewing your home.  You have to go over every single aspect of your home with a very critical eye and consider what the potential purchaser will make of every aspect.  Their first impression of your home will be as they look at it from the sidewalk, ensure the outside of your home is as clean, tidy and well presented as possible and then walk through every room and the garden and look at it with fresh eyes.  What will a buyer's eye be drawn to, the beautiful proportions of the room or the dirty window and vase of dead flowers?


Because first impressions count so very much take the time to consider every aspect of your home and then make time to clean, polish and present your home in the very best light possible.


9. Be as flexible as possible.


If you can be quick to react to a viewing request and flexible when it comes to a contract completion date you will be doing everything within your power to enable your buyer.  By remaining on top of the upkeep of your home you should be able to say 'yes' to a viewing request at the drop of a hat.  And if you remain on top of your home search and are at least mentally prepared to move out swiftly — even if this means moving into rental accommodation for a short period — you will be doing absolutely everything within your power for home selling success.