Tri-Cities Buyer's Agent

How Can you benefit from using an experienced Tri-Cities, WA buyers agent?

As a buyer in Richland, Wa Pasco WA or Kennewick,, WA, you can protect yourself by having a buyer's agent where your interests, not the seller's interests, is what I take into account.

What Can You Expect By Obtainting Me, Kuo-Ying Frenzel, To Be YOUR Buyer's Agent?

  • Your time is not wasted by an agent showing you unsuitable property to impress owners with the agent's activity or who wants to push his or her own listings.
  • I, Kuo-Ying Frenzel, will work with you so you are pre-approved for a loan and know purchase limits.
  • You are not going to be limited to properties listed for sale by other Tri-Cities, WA real estate agents. You will be exposed to properties that may be in probate or foreclosure, properties owned by lenders, and even properties for sale by owners.
  • I will analyze properties based on your needs and provide free comparative market analysis.
  • As your experienced Tri-Cities Realtor, I will recommend properties to be considered and what should be offered and prepare the offer with your interests in mind.
  • I will make certain you fully understand all aspects of a purchase contract before it is signed.
  • Negative aspects of a property will be evaluated, and I will make certain that your offer is subject to a professional property inspection.
  • I will recommend the type of loan that best meets your needs and will work with you in locating the most advantageous loan terms.
  • I will be in constant contact with the lender, the seller, and the closing agent to avoid any problems during the closing process.

What Does It Cost to Have Kuo-Ying Frenzel, Experienced Tri-Cities, WA Realtor Working For You?

Nothing! This service is absolutely free!  So what are you waiting for? Call me Kuo-Ying Frenzel at Northwest Property Consortium, today to start the search for that perfect home in or around Tri-Cities, WA.